Guide to physical education teacher, mountain crossing Kayak instructor. It is Chile’s birth, is Profesionalizo in technician in mountain activities in Argentina.Es there, where he works more than 6 years in the Cordillera de los Andes and main cords, has led several expeditions to Aconcagua and the Cerro de Plata.

Yessica is also recognized by the first Chilean who ran 2 races of expeditions, ECO-Challenger world. And others such as the sud/American challenge of the volcanoes. In which is always stressed their participation and representation in the teams of the Navy of Chile and epresentar brands such as, Northe Face-Chile.

He has scaled mountains of Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. It has toured kayak cruise, Patagonia, New Zealand, and Islands Oceanicas.se performance as a teacher of physical education, in the island Robinson Crusoe-Chile. It is in that place of inspiration where Yessi, decides to specialize in sports in contact with nature. Mountaineering being his great step to achieve its objective.