Hello guys.

I am Brazilian born in 1973, work in Curitiba as professional photographer and Guanaco Expediciones, live in Piraquara near the Serra do Mar with numerous mountains, climbing, and bike trails.

Since 1988 I entered in mountaineering and participated in local Championships technical rock climbing and hiking in the mountains.
Back in 1994 I joined high mountain starting at the Aconcagua when I had a bad experience where in addition to not reach the Summit had serious second degree burns on my face. But I didn’t give up. A year later more prepared and with a more refined knowledge about high mountain achieved the Summit of Aconcagua in the midst of a weak storm.

Since then form several acensões performing expeditions to this which is the highest mountain in the world with the exception of the Himalayas, in addition to other expeditions as the Cordon del Plata and other Hills.

After taking many friends to these beautiful mountains, I began to do this commercial way due to demand and interest of my clients and friends, so I along with my partner organized a company of Andean expedicões where everything is more formalized and professional, thus increasing the chance of success in the expeditions.