Plaza de Mulas – 4350m

Dates of the expeditions; 24.11.16 – 10.12.16 – 07.01.16 – 15.01.17 – 13.02.17 (duration 7 to 9 days).

Trekking indicated for those who are interested in joining high mountain getting great experience. Through the Horcones Valley, Confluencia, Plaza Francia, South wall and Plaza de Mulas (4,300 m). We get to the Cerro Bonnet (5010m), which is located next to Plaza de Mulas, an incredible experience to more than 5000 meters where we can contemplate all the normal route of the Aconcagua and their camps and experience the thin air and the challenges of altitude.


dia1Day 1 – Arrival in the city of Mendoza. We take you from the airport or bus station and we will be in a paused in Mendoza including dinner and breakfast.



dia2Day 2 – Transfer of Mendoza the Inca Refuge to 2700. On this day, withdraw the permission to enter the Aconcagua Park, we will review, rent or purchase of equipment. Pick up to Puente del Inca to 2700mts and we will host a refuge. Including lunch, dinner and breakfast.


DCIM101GOPRODay 3 – Trekking to the mts 3200 Confluence Camp. We will do the Registry Permission at the entrance to the Park where we can contemplate Horcones in the gigantic south wall with 4000mts of difference in where we are, then we will pass through the Laguna Horcones we cross a rope bridge of steel just released for who will climb the Aconcagua and after 4:00 of walk we arrive in Camp Confluence to 3200mts.

dia4Day 4 – Trekking to Plaza Francia at 4200 mts and return to Confluencia 3200mts. Wonderful and exciting hike through the Valley that leads to the south wall of the Aconcagua where several expeditions came to the Summit and other were buried right there on the south wall by storms and avalanches, but don’t worry, we will be a safe distance of this imposing wall. In 5:00 we arrive to Plaza Francia and then return to Confluence.


dia5Day 5 – Trekking to Plaza Mulas to 4300 meters. Stunning walk through the Valley called Plata Ancha, with several peaks with more than 3500mts. This Valley leads to Plaza de Mulas which is the base camp of several expeditions to many locations around the world.


dia6Day 6 – Acclimatization and rest day in Plaza de Mulas. On this day we can do some hiking to nearby glaciers, call home to tell you that everything is fine, or even get on the internet. In Plaza de Mulas for various services like this.



Day 7 – ascent to Cerro Bonnet (5040) and return to Plaza de Mulas



Day 8 – Descensão the Puente de Inca. Overnight.

Day 9 – Puente de Inca to Mendoza.

We propose 2 days because of possible storms or more days for acclimatization.







-2 experienced guides. (1 for each Guide 6 participants)
-Guidance for training pre-discharge mountain if there is a need.
-Transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel in Mendoza.
-2 overnight stays in Hotel in Mendoza including breakfast or 2 overnight stays in refuge in Puente de Inca (2700 m) with dinner and lunch the next day.
-Follow-up to Special Permission to purchase Trekking
-Follow-up to the lease or purchase of equipment.
-Transfer to Mendoza to Puente de Inca and Horcones.
-Rental of Mules for transport of supplies.
-All meals and camping at the confluence.
-All meals and camping in Plaza de Mulas.
-2 overnight stays in refuge in Puente de Inca with dinner and lunch the next day.
-Tent mess hall and tents for overnight throughout the expedition.
-Transportation of tents, stoves and all the equipment of the expedition
-Tent mess hall and tents for overnight across the mountain.
-Transfer from Puente del Inca to Mendoza
-Transfer to the airport or bus station
-DVD with footage of the expedition edited. (Toast)

Not included

-Reimbursement of values in case of cancellation in the middle of the expedition is for reasons psychological or physical climate.
-Entry permit at the Park.
-personal Equipment for trekking in the high mountain.

With what else are you going to spend?
-Transport of your city to Mendoza.
-Entry permit at the Park.
-equipment for trekking in high Mountain purchase or lease