Cerro Plata – 5950m

Dates of  the expditions  in 01.04.16 – 15.12.16 – 07.01.16 – 18.01.17– 01.02.17 – 01.03.17 – 01.04.17 (duration 7 to 9 days).

Located in the Cordon del Plata next to Mendoza and 40 Km from Aconcagua, Cerro Plata 5950 is the culmination of this region that has many peaks and high mountain trails for every type and level of Mountaineer. It’s a amazing location for those who want to start in the high mountain due to variety of peaks and their heights and different formats. Outside the Cerro Plata we climb the more smaller Lomas Blancas 3300m, San Bernardo 4180m and Lomas Amarilhas 5160m making the acclimatization and enjoying a nice visual.


aconcagua-dia1Day 1 – Arrival in the city of Mendoza. We take you from the airport or bus station and we will be in a paused in Mendoza including dinner and breakfast, or we will direct the Cordon del Plata.



dia2Day 2 – Mendoza the Refuge Sky 2900mts and Rise the Montaña Lomas Blancas 3,300 and return to the refuge Sky Montaña 2900mts.




DCIM100GOPRODay 3 – Trekking to base camp House Piedra to 3500 meters.





plata-day-2Day 4 – Ascent of Cerro Franke 4800mts and return to camp House Piedra 3500mts.





Day 5 – Trekking to Base Camp 4250mts Jump.




plata-day-4Day 6 – Trekking to Hojada 4800m Camp and return to Base Camp 4250m Jump.




dia7Day 7 – Rest day




dia8Day 8 – Trekking to Hojada Camp 4800m




dia9Day 9 – Ascension to the Summit of Cerro Plata and descensão until Hojada 4800m Camp




plata-day-5Day 9 – Return to Sky Mountain Refuge 2900mts




Day 10 – the Mendoza and the airport.

We propose 2 days because of possible storms or more days for acclimatization.







-2 experienced guides.

-Guidance for training pre-discharge mountain.

-Transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel in Mendoza.

-2 overnight stays in Hotel in Mendoza including breakfast.

Guidance for hiring or buying equipment.

-Transfer to Mendoza to refugio Sky Montaña.

-2 Nights and all meals at the refugio Sky Montaña.

-All meals at the camps.

-Transport in mules of the tents, stoves and all the equipment of the expedition to the camps.

-Transfer of Sky Haven Montaña to Mendoza.

-Transfer to the airport or bus station.

-DVD with footage of the expedition edited and delivered 2 months after shipment.

OM what else are you going to spend?

-Transport of your city to Mendoza …

-equipment for trekking in high

Mountain purchase or lease

Not included

-Reimbursement of values in case of cancellation in the middle of the expedition is for physical or psychological climate reasons.

-Personal Equipment for trekking in the high mountain.