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Guanaco Expeditions

Guanaco Expeditions since 1995 leading people to Aconcagua (6962m), Cerro Plata (5960m) in Argentina, among other mountains. Now as company of commercial expeditions. With Andean structure and logistics for those who enjoy trekking in high mountain. We invite our customers to meet their physical and psychological limits.

Participants are members active in the expeditions organized, because the programs are tailored for people with a positive attitude towards life.
You will not be a mere spectator and that’s why we have selected routes that promote a full integration with the environment in stunning views. Will be there many natural beauties that are within reach of the boldest.

We are experts in acclimation in high mountain and guarantee your safety providing the structure, knowledge and preparation. We developed this over two decades in the highest mountain ranges in the world.

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